Monday, August 10, 2015

The Day Started With...

    a whole bunch of nothing. I woke up, got out of bed, went over to my sad trash can of a kitchen and attempted to make coffee that actually tastes good. Living in Collingwood heights is a real shit way to wake up every morning, maybe it's just my apartment, but the green carpets are stained with bug guts and what seems like the smell of old people and movie theater. If the top floor doesn't hurry up and get finished I'm going to have to speak to someone about moving me out of room 715 into something more towards the bottom like 1195 (I think that ones available). After staring at the walls of my windowless room for 37 minutes I walk over to Betty's to buy another box of 3 dollar black hair dye, though it never seems to keep its color it's the only brand I can ever afford. 
    When I leave Betty's I realized should probably try to eat since I can't remember the last time I had. Obviously I was going to go to El Cheapo solely based on the fact that I extremely broke and don't like anything that's not processed anyways. I try to scrounge up enough money to maybe buy at least a pizza hot pocket, the pepperoni ones are always way better than expected, but its inevitable that you are going to get burnt by the flaming hot greasy insides. It was actually kind of funny because after I left I noticed that there was a huge hole in the front window. I don't know who would want to break into El Cheapo nothing here is worth stealing and that's not something I would normally say. 
    After I get back to my apartment I warmed up my hot pocket, I turned on the tv and fell asleep till almost dinner, but since it was my day off it didn't matter.