Wednesday, September 23, 2015


   Two hours and thirty-five minutes before I have to clock in at work. The apartment had a seemingly strange draft coming from under the door, but I didn't think much of it. My shoes pants and t-shirt were all laid nicely on the floor from where I took them off yesterday, sliding them back on made me feel less anxious about my day ahead. I don't know why, but my clothes always did that. So much time was left before I had to go to the bus stop to wait on route two to come. This being the case I decided to go get a slice of my favorite: sicilian with pineapple, it was their specialty item on the menu.
   I plug in my headphones, walk out the revolving door of the complex, and shuffle play my music. Neil Diamond. Killer. You can't not like Neil Diamond, right? Taking a left out of Collingwood Heights made for a longer route, but since I had the time why not? Especially because I really liked passing the cemetery and the overgrown parking lot on my way there. When I was younger the lot was my favorite place to be since you could kind of hide yourself in the back corners. It was pretty too, all the greenery and little butterflies. I was in a better mood than usual today, probably because I loved my job, it always made me happy.
   Fifty-Three minutes left now. Sitting on the bench waiting for the bus to come, my backpack next to me, the sky started to drizzle a light rain that I could feel hit my skin as it blew under the hood that covered the bench. My stomach grumbled upsettingly, because it and me both knew I should really stop eating all that greasy pizza so regularly. I look up as I notice Lucas walking out the door of our building. He wasn't wearing anything... just boxers. I yelled to him "Um... why aren't you wearing any clothes??" He didn't seem to hear me so I tried again. "Hello? I'm talking to you, you know." He kept walking. I realized that I hadn't seen him around lately, but just assumed he has been cooped up in his apartment.
   As the bus pulled up to the stop there was a new driver, who usually was a lady was a man. I paused a minute and when I walked up the annoyingly spaced steps the new man asked me why I shake my leg when I'm sitting. I had never noticed before he said something. I paid him the 2.50 I owed him, ignoring his comment, and walked to a seat towards the middle of the bus. Immediately when I sat I started shaking my leg. How was I ever not going to notice this habit I had now that he pointed it out.
   4 stops till' I reached my job and twenty-eight minutes left. That was just enough time to get there. Sunset Animal Clinic.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Going to the dogs...

   I was sitting outside across the street at the bus station. It looked like it was going to rain, but I was trying my best to just go outside for once. I pluged in my headphones to my black Ipod classic I had gotten when I turned 17. It had 30gs, just about all filled with shit I used to listen to then, but I was too lazy to download new songs and take off the old ones just to replace them with more songs I probably wouldn't like in another month.
   It's funny how the song you're listening to can effect how you see the things around you... a death metal band playing as Bill hands out balloons or a Miley Cyrus song setting the beat of the man wearing all black walking down the street.
   I sit here a lot, like at least once a day and I've never ever had anyone sit down next to me until today. Usually I take up most of the 2 person bench anyways considering I have my backpack next to me and sit criss-cross apple-sauce... it doesn't leave much room for guests. She walked up keeping eye contact with me the whole time. I thought she was going to say something, but she didn't, she just sat right down in the little space that was left for her. Bill gave me that look like he was thinking the same thing I was "wtf."
   I grabbed my backpack, threw it on my shoulder and started to walk off. I heard the girl scream "wait!", but I just kept walking and turned up my music. For some reason it almost sounded like she had a british accent, but I wasn't sure.
   I started towards the park, I wanted to see the dogs.