Monday, September 7, 2015

Going to the dogs...

   I was sitting outside across the street at the bus station. It looked like it was going to rain, but I was trying my best to just go outside for once. I pluged in my headphones to my black Ipod classic I had gotten when I turned 17. It had 30gs, just about all filled with shit I used to listen to then, but I was too lazy to download new songs and take off the old ones just to replace them with more songs I probably wouldn't like in another month.
   It's funny how the song you're listening to can effect how you see the things around you... a death metal band playing as Bill hands out balloons or a Miley Cyrus song setting the beat of the man wearing all black walking down the street.
   I sit here a lot, like at least once a day and I've never ever had anyone sit down next to me until today. Usually I take up most of the 2 person bench anyways considering I have my backpack next to me and sit criss-cross apple-sauce... it doesn't leave much room for guests. She walked up keeping eye contact with me the whole time. I thought she was going to say something, but she didn't, she just sat right down in the little space that was left for her. Bill gave me that look like he was thinking the same thing I was "wtf."
   I grabbed my backpack, threw it on my shoulder and started to walk off. I heard the girl scream "wait!", but I just kept walking and turned up my music. For some reason it almost sounded like she had a british accent, but I wasn't sure.
   I started towards the park, I wanted to see the dogs.


  1. sorry it took me so long, but I finally posted. (related to yours being first)